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Binary Option
Easy to trade in 3 simple steps:
1. Choose trading type
2. Place order
3. Confirm execution
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Social Trading
Trade with a community and make
the most out of it:
Copy Trading / Anyone / Anytime
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1. Trade & get profit 24/5
2. High liquidity market
3. Use leverage to increase profit
4. No trading commission
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Crypto Trading
1. Trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum on NatureForex jTrade platforms
2. Speculate and invest without the need for crypto wallets
3. Use leverage with crypto market volatility
4. Attractive spreads and zero re-quotes
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Why NatureForex?

With NatureForex, you are able to leverage at the highest rates, just below the point of reverse trading through stop-outs test for WHY NATUREFOREX?

Stable Trading Platforms

We provide all stable trading platforms to fit every need of traders. Thus, you can trade on PC or mobile anywhere, anytime.

Trade with Demo Account: Real Rate / Virtual Money

- Test your trading strategies
- Virtual money up to $5,000
- Leverage from 1:200 to 1:1000
- Available in Forex, Oil, Metal, CFD

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Follow and learn from pilot traders

The best way to learn is following the pilot traders. NatureForex Social Trading allows you to copy trading from them, and make profit with least effort.

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360 FX Education

Improve your trading skill step by step with NatureForex educational materials.
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Company News


Nature Forex – Announcement MT4 Platform is recovered

Thank you for your understanding and patience during the period of technical issue! We would like to announce that the MT4 system can now be logged in and work as normal. From 4:00 PM (server time GMT +9), all Nature Forex services including Account registration & activation, Deposit, Withdrawal, Trading are accessible and function n


Nature Forex – Announcement about MT4 platform issue

“**IMPORTANT: Our sincere apologies for the technical problems occurred in Natureforex’s system on September 24th, 2018 that you might have experienced, as a result, the difficulty to sign in or to use the MT4. We are trying our best to fix these problems as soon as possible, by by tomorrow September 25th, 2018 7pm server time


Social Trading Specifications