Beware of Trading during News Time of Non-Farm Employment Change on 03/05/2019

2019-05-01 00:34:44

Dear valued clients,
Thank you for trading at NatureForex!

Nature Forex aims to provide clients with the best execution available and to get all orders filled at the requested rate. However, around the news time of Non-Farm Employment Change at 21:30 (GMT+9) on Friday, 03/05/2019, we would like to warn customers about the execution risks of trading at news time:

• Liquidity – Due to the illiquid market, traders may find it difficult to enter or exit positions at your requested price, your orders may be delayed or receive executed price that is significantly different from your requested rate.

• Wider Spread – There may be instances when spreads are wider beyond the typical spread, especially XAUUSD. Spreads are a function of liquidity and during the news time, in periods of limited liquidity, spreads may be wider. It is not uncommon to see spreads wider particularly around the news time.

• Gapping – The market may gap at news time to reflect how the market views the value of a currency. Traders holding positions or orders during news time should be fully prepared for the potential of the market to gap.

Should you have any question, kindly contact our Customer Support team.
Thank you!