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How to Deposit Bitcoin

To deposit Bitcoin

Making a deposit by bitcoin with Nature Forex is simple and easy. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to make a deposit within some quick steps.

Follow these step-by-step instruction below

Step 1: Fill out Deposit Information

Login to my page, go to tab " Money transaction", click on Deposit to General Account or Jtrade FX account

Fill in the amount that you want to deposit in.

Choose deposit method : " Bitcoin"

Next, select Bitcoin wallet " Spectrocoin", you will see the Bitcoin wallet address appear with the converted rate.

Fill in your BTC wallet address that you use to send BTC, then click on "Execute"

Step 2: Confirm Deposit Information

Double check all information 1 more time, then click "Confirm".After that the message of deposit successful will be show up.

Step 3: Transfer Bitcoin

Login to your BTC wallet and transfer your BTC to our wallet address shown in step 1..

Kindly note your name + account number as "Remark".

Please be careful because if you send to wrong BTC wallet, It will be unable to take back.

Step 4: Finish

When we receive your BTC to our wallet, we will finish in our side to process your deposit request and you will be notified of the successful transfer via email. Then you’re all set!

Note: Please be informed that if the base currency of your registered account is bitcoin, you can trade in jTrade platform after making deposit. In case the base currency is not bitcoin, after making deposit by bitcoin, your bitcoin amount will be converted into your base currency and then you can trade in in MT4.