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How to opening Bitcoin account NatureForex

Guideline Opening Bitcoin Account NatureForex

A computer with internet access and a web browser installed on your computer

Follow these step-by-step instruction below to create a Bitcoin account:

Step 1: Fill out information

Go to our website, on the right top corner, select “Register”.

Fill out the required information on the form:

+ Base currency: Select base currency as MBT.
Your account base currency is MBT ( mili bitcoin) which 1 MBT equals to 1/1,000 bitcoin.

+ Service type: Select service type as “jTrade FX” Service type as “jTrade FX”.

Then, click on “Open Account”.

Please note that all customers who have already registered for FX&CFD/Binary/Social Trading, have jTrade account activated automatically which means you can deposit by bitcoin, then the deposited bitcoin amount will be converted into your base currency for trading on MT4.

Step 2: Confirm information

On the confirmation page, click “Confirm” to go to the next step.

Step 3: Account Activation

To activate your account, please input the code that you just received from you phone. Click on “Activate”.

Step 4: Account verification

To verify your account, please login your account by input email address and password you just registered, then you will be direct to Mypage at

On the top right corner, click on your name and select “Account Setting” for verifying process.

Then click on “Verification”

Upload the required documents for the verification process. Your documents will be verifying within 1 to 3 business working days.

Once your account is verified, you will receive the details of your trading accounts via email. After successful verification, click on tab “Money Transaction” to start deposit and trade!